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Liptov village

  • the best place for lovers of Liptov culture and traditions
  • the village consits of 14 bungallows (each for 3 persons) with a wooden bee-hive, bell tower, chapel, wooden train or a play gym for children.

Craftsmen´s yard

  • consits of six two-floor and five one-floor bungallows, designed for whose keen on craft history and handwork skills of our ancestros
  • yard is decorated with tools and instruments for several craftsmen like tinkers, potters, oil maker, baker or blacksmith which helps you to look back in their lifetime.

Western village


  • this village is made of five 3-bed bungallows and is designed for those adventure ones who are interested in wild west, cowboys, gun fights and rampancy.


Indian village

  • the right place for small and big ones who just for a moment want to become indians and experience the magic of totem poles, spirit of buffalo and wizard times
  • consits of six 3-bed bungallows


At hunter´s

  • all village is built in a forester style with six 8-bed bungallows
  • there is also a wooden hayloft, feeder and a play gym for the small ones, creating real hunting atmosphere.


At winegrower´s

  • this village is ideal for lovers of good wine to spend a pleasant time
  • consits of eight 3-bed bungallows with specific facade paintings


Scouting camp

  • the camp offers possibilities to become a small or even a big scout
  • eight 3-bed bungallows altogether
  • you can do activities to test your scouting skills like parallel bars, balance bridge or monkey bars.


Fishermen´s village

  • for those who love fishing and water adventure
  • seven 3-bed bungallows with a wooden summer house surrounded by peace and quiet, greenery and a brook.


Romantic garden

  • a village not only for the romantic ones, also for those with comfortable affable nature looking for tranquility and comfort
  • eighteen 4-bed suites
  • offers possibility to relax in a wooden summer house with a fireplace and a lovely view of sunset.


Central Park

  • consits of fourty 4-bed suites place „inner-city“ of Holiday Village Tatralandia
  • with sports facilities and a garden house and fireplace

Chlidren´s world

  • there are thirty-two 4-bed suites
  • offers leisure and relax for families with children
  • ideal place for babies and kids to play around


Cottages and apartments in Holiday Village Tatralandia on favorable terms again on sale!

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