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„4 Rs“ for buying a property in Holiday Village Tatralandia


1st REASON – top location

When it comes to a purchase of a recreational estate and its utilization the attractiveness of location will interest you more that anything else.

Placed in the heart of Liptov, not far from Liptovská Mara, excellent ski slopes and just a few metres from the best aquapark in Slovakia – TATRALANDIA is the best perspective when ranking this investment to the best ones in LIPTOV for the past few years.

What do you think the perfect location looks like?


2nd REASON – zero risk

How do I know a real estate to be a sound investment when buying it?

What would you say about a property having an architecture, social and utility value?

A property with accomodation capacity in which the tourist are interested in almost 365 days in a year?

A property being a part of the greatest entertainment resort far and wide?


What do you say, does it sound interesting?



3rd REASON – properties are after official inspection and have been used since 2005!

You do not have to wait for an official inspection.

You do not have to „trust“ that they will be finished on time (doubting they might be)

You do not have to be afraid of your money.

You pay and straightaway you cash in.

Already from the 1st of June 2013!


4th REASON – Partnership with the leader

Buying a recreational property in Holiday Village Tatralandia you become a part of TATRALANDIA which is the greatest all-year resort of water entertainment with accomodation in Slovakia, Czech republic and Poland.

As the owner you will get a return and moreover you support upswing and development of Tatras and their protection together with the company that has already done the most for Tatras.